You may know me from Youtube where I make lifestyle videos and share my day to day life in a daily vlog!

If you don't know me, here are 5 fun facts!

#1 – I'm only 5'1 (really just 5 and a half feet but we can round up haha)! People are always so shocked when they meet me in person!

#2 – I moved to California all on my own when I was 19 years old, big move & I'm forever proud of myself for doing it!

#3 – My last name is actually Massicotte, but I go by Tara Michelle (mostly because it's easier to remember). Michelle is my middle name!

#4 – I'm Canadian! Born in Toronto, Ontario!

#5 – I'm the biggest spaz! I'm usually covered in bruises from bumping into things all the time hahah!

I’ve been a full-time Youtuber since 2013 but I’ve been looking for another outlet to be creative – which brings me here! I’ll be posting all about what's cool and trendy, and all of my adventures! I’m really excited to share a different side of me with you!

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