Tara Michelle Fashion Archives

Aesthetic Afternoon Coffee in Toronto

I was just recently in Toronto (my hometown) for the holidays and one afternoon my lovely dad and I (hi dad ily) went shopping around Yorkville. They had such beautiful Christmas decorations up in the area and I couldn’t resist a good holiday photo opp!


Pumpkin Patch Date

Visiting a local pumpkin patch is an absolute essential to the Fall season (if you’re doing it right). My boyfriend and I went over to one of the trendiest LA pumpkin patches we could find.


Costa Rica Fashion Diary

Summer is officially HERE (finally), and a lot of us like to travel during these months off. I was recently lucky enough to travel to Costa Rica and wore some pretty awesome outfits for my resort vacation (if I do say so myself!!).


We Faked Going To Coachella?!

In all honesty, I didn’t really care to go to Coachella… But then when weekend 1 came around and everyone started posting their pictures, I was like “well crap, I wish I was there”