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Toronto Travel Guide

Welcome to my Toronto Travel Guide! I’ve been around the block quite a few times and thought I’d come up with a list of places to check out if you’re ever in the city!


All Inclusive Trip to Costa Rica

The moment I arrived at the resort, they treated me with the most incredible service. Everyone was so kind and so welcoming, which helped a lot considering ALL MY FRIENDS MISSED THEIR FLIGHT AND I WAS ALL ALONE lol.


Best Places to Eat and Instagram in …

If you didn’t see my ’72 Hours in Chicago’, then you wouldn’t know that I purposely didn’t talk about the INCREDIBLE food I ate there… So here I am to tell you all of the best places to eat and Instagram in Chicago!


72 Hours in Chicago

My parents and I were in Chicago for just 72 hours, so we tried to get in AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE before leaving… and this is what we ended up with.