Trendy Coffee in LA

Trendy Coffee in LA

LA’s Most Trendy Coffee Shops

My favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles… oh boy, there’s quite a few of them! I’ll keep this list short and sweet *just the way I like my lattes*. My top picks obviously have to taste the best (considering how dang expensive they are) and also have to look aesthetically pleasing. Come on ladies, if we’re paying $5+ on a coffee… it better be making the ‘gram.

 Verve Coffee Tara Michelle

One of my all time favorite coffee shops for the last 2 years, Verve.

I had walked by it multiple times before realizing it was a coffee shop, I always just thought “oh that place looks so trendy”. One day I decided to walk in and I never looked back. It’s usually pretty crowded inside, everyone is sitting and working on their computers but the line isn’t ever long. They have great outdoor seating which is perfect for a classic sunny LA day.

Their coffee, delish. My go to is their sweetened latte, and it definitely does the trick. It’s perfectly strong but satisfies my tastebuds!!

 Verve Coffee Tara Michelle
 Verve Coffee Tara Michelle
 Alfred Coffee Tara Michelle
 Alfred Coffee Tara Michelle


Alfred’s is all over Instagram and it’s definitely worth the hype. This place has cute decor everywhere that’s practically begging for a spot on your Insta Story! There’s inside seating and a small patio outside, but it’s usually pretty crowded. They have a pretty nice selection of flavored lattes, which is what I normally go for! I usually just go for the vanilla latte with almond milk.

Have you ever seen the phrase “But first, coffee.”? Well I’m pretty sure it originated here, but don’t quote be on that. The phrase is everywhere; on the walls, on signs… you really can’t avoid it (but why would you want to?).

 Carerra Cafe Tara Michelle
 Carerra Cafe Tara Michelle

Carerra Cafe is THE CUTEST! Being directly across from the famous ‘pink wall’ on Melrose, it’s already a great hotspot. They also have their own mural which they switch out monthly depending on the current trend! The inside is so bright and open, which immediately got me excited the first time I went in!

The most unique part about their drinks is that they put custom art on anything you order!! You could choose your own photo for them to print, or they do have some presets you can look through as well! I picked ‘Boss Lady’ because how could I not?!

By now I’m sure you know that I almost always order an iced vanilla latte, and this one was incredible! Highly recommend checking it out if you’re in the area, they also have tons of healthy food options as well!


One of my most recent discoveries, blue bottle coffee. For all you downtown ladies, this is the SPOT. They actually have locations all over Los Angeles but I went to the one in the Arts District. With the entire wall being a window, it’s incredibly bright in there. Interestingly enough, there was a ton of seating available and it was pretty quiet in there.

As per usual I asked for a sweetened vanilla latte, but to my surprise they didn’t have it on the menu (apparently). The barista suggested a sweetened cold brew with milk so that’s what I got! It was absolutely incredible, and tasted exactly like the vanilla latte I was originally ordering. It was definitely strong and I could feel the extra kick of energy from it. 10/10 experience.


Last but certainly not least, Tilt Coffee Bar!

I stumbled across this place the other day when I was craving a new coffee shop to try out! This one was really close to where I was, so I took a quick little walk and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

It’s a small glass building in the middle of an apartment building courtyard… totally random but now I want to look into moving there haha! It was pretty empty when we got there so we got to chat with the super sweet barista while we waited for our drinks. I ordered a matcha latte which was the perfect amount of sweet! They have a fake tree stump in there (assuming it’s for Insta pics… or at least that’s what I used it for haha). I really loved the environment here and will definitely be going back!!


And there you have it, my favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles! There are PLENTY more on my list of places to try, but over the last 3 years of living here… here’s my top 5!

If you’re an LA local or visited and you have a really good coffee shop to recommend, please do!!! I’d love to go and try it out! ♥

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! See you next time! :)