I Tried Something New

Hey guys!!!

Today's post is going to be a little different but I'm excited to share it with you! A couple months ago I got an email asking if I'd like to try out this new treatment that would result in me having solid abs and a lifted butt (lol). Naturally, I had to try it and let you guys know my thoughts!

Huge shoutout to BTL aesthetics for partnering with me and letting me try out Emsculpt!


This is gonna sound kindaaa crazy, but hear me out! Emsculpt is a procedure that helps build muscle and burn fat! It's non-invasive and they offered to let me try the treatment for review! How could you turn down the potential of getting ABS without an intense workout scheduled out?!

Tara Michelle

You must be wondering what this "procedure" really is right? The word procedure always kind of freaks me out because it sounds more intense than it actually is (or at least in this case!). For this treatment, I'd lie down and they'd place the paddles (pictured below) onto the targeted area! What the machine does is cause contractions in your muscles, much like a regular workout, but contracts your muscles in a way that you can’t achieve on your own. It's essentially like doing 20,000 sit ups in the 30 minute session, crazy right?!

There are 4 treatments over a 2 week period, and each session is only 30 minutes long. I couldn’t wait to see the promising results showing that after one month following a full treatment series, there will be a 19% fat reduction and a 16% increase in muscle mass! Pretty awesome stats that would get anyone ready to start their new healthy lifestyle!


Why I Decided To Do It

You might be wondering "Why would you do something like this? You're not overweight!", or something along those lines. I decided to try it because honestly, why not?! I figured I'd get to see for myself if it worked and could share the results with you guys if you were interested in trying a treatment like this!

I didn't do it to lose weight by any means, but I'm always trying to get myself into a healthier routine and I thought this would be a great way to kick start that lifestyle! I've always wanted to tone up but there's always that extra stomach fat that never seems to goes away, ya know??

I took a loonggg break from working out and I thought this treatment would be a perfect kickstart to getting back into the gym. With my muscles feeling stronger than ever, I feel ready to get back there!


Was It Painful?

Pain wise - meh. It wasn't the most painful thing I've ever felt, but there was definitely a slight degree of discomfort during the treatment. They told me that the pain levels depend on how much fat you have on your body, more fat = less pain. The fat acts as somewhat of a cushion. 

The first treatment was definitely kind of... shocking?! We did my stomach and started at the lowest strength. Immediately I could feel my muscles contracting and it was such an odd feeling. As we got the strength up to 100%, I was physically doing crunches. My whole body was involuntarily contracting and it was not my favorite feeling. It mostly just caught me off guard but as the treatment went on, I got more and more used to it and it didn’t feel as odd. Overall it wasn't horribly painful, mostly just uncomfortable!

My Results

I've just completed all 4 treatments and as of now, I can tell you that my stomach definitely feels stronger and looks flatter from a side view. You're supposed to continue to see full results 1-3 months post-treatment, so the best is yet to come for me!! I have high hopes that I will have the abs I've always dreamed of!!

Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in trying a treatment like this! I thought it was so cool that I got to try it & review it for you guys!!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!! See you in the next one xx