Weekend in NYC

New York City is one of my top cities to visit.

It’s only a 45 minute flight from Toronto and while I was back home visiting my family, we thought a quick weekend trip would be perfect! Two days in NYC may not seem like enough, but we definitely managed to do everything AND MORE.

I made several embarrassing outfit changes on the streets of New York, but hey, do what you gotta do right?!

Instagram Locations In New York City



Midtown will give you so many classic city shots!

You can walk around pretty much anywhere and find a really cool New York shot. I have no idea what these things are called (in the photo), but the steam really creates such a cool look!

 Tara Michelle NYC
 Tara Michelle NYC

Everyone loves a good candid shot.

You can walk around pretty much anywhere here and absolutely need a photo. We were crossing the street and my dad snapped this picture, it works so perfectly for the busy city environment!

Central Park

 Tara Michelle NYC

There’s nothing like taking a walk through central park with the huge city surrounding you. It’s so unique and incredible in every way!

 Tara Michelle NYC
 Tara Michelle NYC

Everything here is photogenic… everything.

Did you know there’s a ZOO in the middle of central park!? Yeah I was unaware until we stumbled our way through it! There are so many cool rocks to stand on if you’re looking for a picture with the city in the background!

Brooklyn Bridge

 Tara Michelle NYC
 Tara Michelle NYC

There’s no question that this is a great photo spot in the city! Be warned though - it’s PACKED. There’s tons of people at all times so you have to be pretty shameless to get a picture here! But when you suck it up, you can get a really cool shot!



Soho has always been one of my favorite spots in NYC!

It’s filled with cool boutiques, walls, and so many unique photo opportunities! It’s such a fun location to walk around and find a bunch of cafes to try out as well!

 Tara Michelle NYC
 Tara Michelle NYC

There’s an infinite amount of cool photo spots in Soho!!!

Or really, all over NYC in general. If you’re visiting and trying to step up your Instagram feed, you’ll have no problem with that here!!!

There are SO many more photo locations in the city, but I’ll just have to go back to hit up the rest of them! If you’ve ever been to New York, comment below your favorite spot in the city!!

I hope you guys found this helpful!! Until next time xo