Venice, Italy

The final destination from my trip to Italy,


Before we get into it, make sure to check out my posts on Portofino & Lake Como to see everything from our trip! 

Venice was the most "touristy" spot of our entire trip, and honestly our least favorite. There's something so special about it and I'll always find it incredibly beautiful but it was just too crowded. In contrast to the lack of tourists in Portofino & Lake Como, Venice was overwhelming. Of course this could be completely different any other month, we were there peak season so I'd definitely recommend going closer to winter.


The drive was pretty long so we made a FREAKING AWESOME stop on the way to Venice! 

The Sunken Castle

Scaliger Castle, Sirmione Italy

I've seen photos of this place all over Pinterest & have saved it multiple times hoping one day I'd get to see it myself. 

Tara Michelle

Located on Lake Garda, you can roam the castle on your own for just 4 euros a person. Walking through the castle you truly feel like you've been transported back in time!

From there, it was another 3 (ish) hours until we got to the airport. We stopped at the airport, dropped off our car and got on one of the boats to our stop in Venice!

Tara Michelle

We got there later in the day, probably around 7pm so everything was pretty much closed. We spent our evening wandering the streets (getting lost), and had a delicious bowl of pasta for dinner.

Our ONLY day in Venice

One full day in Venice doesn't seem like nearly enough time, but it most definitely was. There's only so much walking one can do in a day and we covered just about EVERYTHING!

Venice Tara Michelle
Venice Tara Michelle
Venice Tara Michelle

San Marco square, the place where you see all those photos with the pigeons! The whole area around the square is stunning with so much incredible architecture to admire.

Venice Tara Michelle

We spent the whole day walking around, shopping, eating and doing pretty much everything we wanted to do for our last day in Italy! My feet were killing after hours and hours of walking so I'd definitely suggest some good walking shoes (although you probably already knew that!).


So beyond grateful to have been able to join my parents on such a wonderful trip, one that I'll never forget! No matter what, getting to travel through Italy is such a blessing and I truly hope everyone gets to experience it at some point in their life!


Make sure to check out my Italy vlogs (linked below) for a more in-depth idea of what our trip looked like & leave me a comment below with the #1 place on your bucket list!

I love you guys!! Until next time, xo