Let's get to know each other better!

Today I decided I would ask you guys on Instagram for some questions you wanted to know about me/my life/how I got to where I am today! So I went through all of your questions and here we are, let's get started!!!


What made you move to LA?

A lot of people are surprised when I say I'm from Toronto! Proud Canadian over here! I moved to LA at a time in my life when I felt I had no choice but to find a fresh start somewhere else. I was so lost & BEGGED my parents for a chance to live in LA. Haven't looked back since!!

Ever since my first trip to California when I was 10, I was drawn to it. It was such a dream of mine even before youtube or social media was a thing!


Do you get homesick?

I actually get asked this all the time!! I don't get homesick (for the most part)! I facetime my parents pretty much daily. The only thing I get homesick for is my dog, she can't talk to me over facetime :(

I'm just constantly worried that she's going to forget about me lol. I just miss my booboo SO MUCH!


How did you know college wasn't for you?

This is definitely a bit controversial because everyone has their own opinions about schooling. I went to 2 different schools after high school, so I'd say I gave it a fair shot.

I was never good when it came to test taking, which is sadly how the school system judges how "smart you are". Not everyone needs a degree, depending on the field you want to get into! For what I'm doing, no degree necessary!

I also know that school will always be an option if I ever need to go back!


When is your birthday?

January 5th 1995! Which makes me 23 at the time I'm writing this post. CAPRICORN BABY! Let's see... what are some Capricorn traits? According to google that makes me: practical, ambitious, wise, stubborn (very true), moody & shy!

I don't know how much I believe in horoscopes, but I think those traits seem at least somewhat accurate to how I see myself! Whats your horoscope sign?!


You're 23 and you can't drive??

So here's the thing... I took my written test and do have a license, for Canadians it's called a G1 and in the US it's basically a permit. I even took all of my actual driving lessons and technically do know how to drive. I just never took the road test to get the full license! As of right now, I don't need to drive because honestly uber is cheaper than everything that comes with having a car. LA is a mess and I couldn't even imagine driving here, I'd be WAY too scared!


Pet peeves?

I actually have so many hahah, I don't know where to start! HMM... people that bump into you because they're walking with their head in their phone, when people cut in line and try to pretend they didn't, SALESPEOPLE that just follow you around as soon as you walk into the store (I know it's their job but it makes me not want to buy anything lol), when people don't say thank you... I'll just stop there, it's getting too negative haha!


What are you really like off camera?

I pride myself on being the exact same person that I am online, offline. I've never felt the need to fake my personality or act a certain way. With me, what you see is what you get! I don't even think I'd be able to fake anything just for the sake of views, it's not who I am!


Did you play any sports growing up?

Much to everyone's surprise, I am not very sporty (absolute sarcasm lol). With that being said, growing up I did play a few different sports! I skied for many years until I broke my leg, I played soccer until one time I got hit in the face with the ball (not a fan), and I also played tennis! I actually enjoyed tennis and would definitely play now if the opportunity came up!


Morning or night person?

Growing up I was always such a night owl! I'd go to bed at like 3am and wake up at noon! My mom would always get so mad at me for sleeping so late. This changed in the last year or so, I definitely became more of a morning person! I stopped sleeping till noon like 4 years ago now though hahah but I'd still stay up way too late! Now I prefer to go to sleep around 1 and wake up at 9, a perfect 8 hour sleep!


What stores do you shop at?

I LOVE SHOPPING!! A true shopaholic over here. I'm very much an online shopper, I just find it easier than searching through a bunch of racks. Some of my favorite clothing stores would be Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Revolve & Topshop. As for makeup, my favorite brands that I wear the most would be Tarte, Too Faced, Benefit & Urban Decay!

There was my 10 random things you might not have known about me! In the comments, let me know 5 random facts about you! I'd love to read them! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better! See ya in the next post! xo