Lake Como, Italy

I couldn't be more excited to share my experience in Lake Como with you guys! Lake Como was our second stop on our road trip through Italy, click here to see our first stop in Portofino! 

Lake Como... where do I even start? The drive from Portofino was around 4 hours long, not too bad. Once we hit the town of Como, we knew we were in for something really special. Day one was all about exploring our new hotel, The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Words don't even begin to express how beautiful this hotel was, so let me share some photos...


Can we just talk about how pretty my mom is?! Look at her! Not a day over 30, I swear!

ANYWAYS, we spent the afternoon exploring the hotel! They had these unbelievable gardens and even a hiking trail that led to one of the best views I've ever seen! Even the view out of our window... unbelievable.


Like... WHAT??

Day Two

Our second day in Lake Como was much more eventful! After breakfast we drove over to the town of Cernobbio, which is famous for its beautiful villas. We stopped at a local pastry shop for some snacks and roamed the town before heading to our next stop of the day!


It was a slight struggle to find, but Villa del Balbianello was well worth it. This is a one of their famous villas on a HUGE amount of land. The gardens were stunning and I wore a cute little white dress for the occasion!


Back at the hotel, we stopped for an outfit change before checking out the botanical gardens next door! 


Everything is picture perfect...

Everything in Lake Como was beyond anything I could've imagined! Everywhere we went had such a perfect view of the lake, I honestly felt like I was dreaming.

I sadly couldn't find an exact link to the romper I was wearing, but I linked some similar (ish) items that I think are also super cute!


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 5.38.57 PM.png

Just THINKING about this dinner makes me want to cry...

A glass of my favorite wine, truffle risotto with fresh parmesan, and a view I'll never forget.

After checking out the gardens, we took a ferry across the lake to Bellagio for dinner. I'd highly recommend checking out Bellagio if you're visiting Lake Como, such a fun town!


Day Four

Did you notice that I skipped day three? Well that's because we spent the whole day in SWITZERLAND... I'll have a whole post up about that next! 

Our last day in Lake Como was the only 'lounge' day we had in Italy. We spent the afternoon by the pool getting some sun, and seeing what kind of cool spots we could find in the area!


As if it couldn't get more beautiful, a rainbow showed up right as we were outside having some pizza. A picture perfect goodbye to Lake Como!


To finish off this blog post,

I'll leave you with this... the best cheese board I've ever had in my life. 7 different types of cheese, 3 marmalades, honey, and two types of bread. I'm not even kidding, I 100% shed a couple tears (I'm not even embarrassed).

I hope one day to be back in Lake Como, because this is not a place to only visit once. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post (and liked that it was longer than my usual posts) and can't wait to share the rest of my trip!! xo