Golden Hour

Golden Hour in Texas \\ A Summer Outfit

Just a typical country girl summer outfit, seems fitting for my recent trip to Texas.

My boyfriend’s family lives on a large area of land and we ventured off during golden hour for some pictures in the ‘backyard’.

tara michelle

Romper | Sandals

I’m wearing this yellow romper from Macy’s. In all honesty, it had long sleeves but I totally cut those off. It has a beautiful floral pattern which is perfect for this time of year! It’s bright and flowy and basically perfeeeect. I’d wear this with some tan sandals, but I apparently didn’t bring any with me on this trip so I went barefoot (didn’t think my adidas would go well… lol).

My boyfriend matched my romper by wearing a cute yellow hat, the shades were almost identical! The setting was so romantic and lowkey it reminded me of the notebook in a way!

tara michelle
tara michelle
tara michelle
tara michelle

My makeup is bronzed, glowy and simple. My usual summer look. The essential items for the look are below!

\\ Bronzer

\\ Eyeshadow Palette

\\ Lipstick

\\ Bronzed Blush

\\ Highlighter

As for my hair, just had it pretty natural looking with some subtle curls throughout. This look just screams ‘summer love’, and I absolutely adore it.