My Holiday Wishlist

The holidays are quickly approaching & I don’t know about you guys but I’m starting to get STRESSED.

Thinking about gifts lowkey gives me anxiety because I always want to give the perfect gifts, but usually I have absolutely no idea where to start!

I thought I’d kick off the holiday posts with MY personal wishlist. With that being said, I actually don’t want/need anything and I never ask for anything over the holidays. I still thought I’d put together a little group of things I’ve always had my eyes on but never purchased myself!

Maybe some of these things will give you inspiration for your wishlist this year!

You can click the + on the photo above for any direct links to the items! If the + doesn’t show up, just refresh and it should be there! :)

Some of the things are items I’ve just always wanted, some are essentials… like socks. I don’t know how but my socks are ALWAYS missing and I can never find a matching pair. I will take a new set of socks at any occasion!

Other than that, I’ve really had my eyes on AirPods lately! I’ve played around with them a bit and I really like them! I already have an amazon echo dot, but I want another one for my bedroom & bathroom! Would be perfect for when I’m in the shower!

Let me know in the comments whats on YOUR wishlist this year, I need some inspo for mine too!!!

Until next time, XO