Anti-Unicorn Ice Cream

Anti-Unicorn Ice Cream

The Anti-Unicorn Ice Cream!

Unicorn everything has been all the rage in the last few weeks, I’m seeing it everywhere! But more recently I’ve been seeing tons of posts about the “anti-unicorn” ice cream! What is that, you may ask?! Well, it’s soft serve ice cream that’s BLACK… like our hearts (lol). That being said, they do have non-black flavors, but what’s the fun in that?! The place is called Little Damage, located right in Downtown LA!


I read online that they do rotate out the flavors pretty often, so the flavors they had when I was there could be different than if you go!

Black Roses

Unicorn Tears

Chocolate Dip Cherry

They always have at least one vegan option for those who are dairy free, which was Mango Sticky Rice!


I did ask to sample all of the 3 main flavors they had, mostly because I was curious but also because I wanted to be able to tell you guys! I was already sure that I wanted to get a full cone of the Black Roses flavor because I thought it was the most aesthetically pleasing (and the most hyped up on Instagram)!

Unicorn Tears was bright blue and SO cool to look at, especially contrasting with their signature black waffle cones! It was kind of confusing and I couldn’t figure out exactly what it tasted like at first, like a slightly different vanilla. Then I realized it’s actually birthday cake flavor, which is one of my FAVORITES! Needless to say, I’ll definitely be coming back for a cone of that one.

Chocolate Dip Cherry wasn’t my favorite, only because I’m not the biggest fan of artificial cherry flavors. I only had one taste of the little sample cup and passed it on hahah not worth it for me!

Lastly, Black Roses… oh yes, this was a good one.

I mean, does this not SCREAM Instagram to you?!?! Black cone, black ice cream… SO cool! On top of how cool it looks, it’s also delicious! It also tasted kind of like vanilla, but had a hint of almond which made it a much more unique flavor! I think it was supposed to have a rose hint to it, but I don’t think I really picked up on that.

If you’re concerned about how in the world it’s black, don’t worry, it’s colored like that with activated charcoal which is completely natural! The cone’s are made fresh in the store, just minutes before they serve it. They do have some on display which were also very nice to look at haha!

They cost $6 but add an extra dollar if you want the black cone (which I HIGHLY recommend, it was so so good). With that price, toppings are included but I decided not to get any with mine because I just wanted it to be black on black. Though, they did have some cute options that probably would’ve been delish!


We went at around 5pm, and there was quite the line out the door. So I’d suggest going a little earlier in the day, but definitely not around lunch! It took awhile to get in and order, but it really was worth it. Waiting in line there was like being in line at Disneyland, so much to look at!! The inside is an Instagrammer’s heaven, so many cute walls and neon signs, there was just everything you could imagine! If you are going there with the purpose of getting cool pictures, you won’t be alone! Everywhere you turn, someone was taking a selfie with it so you’ll feel right at home! That’s something I really love about LA, nobody is judging you for your random photoshoots with an ice cream cone!!


Fun fact, they’re also open surprisingly late! 11pm is when they close everyday, for an ice cream shop that seems kinda crazy, but I guess if you’re looking for some late night food or something to snack on if you’ve been drinking… they’ve got you covered!

In the end, I truly did enjoy my cone. A homeless man came and tried to take it from me while I was eating it (that’s what you get for going to an ice cream shop in DTLA), but I kindly turned him down haha. All my life I’ve never been a “cone” kinda girl, I always ordered my ice cream in cups. This really changed my perspective on cones, as silly as that sounds, and I am now a huge fan haha! It’s a little pricy, a little crowded, but it was worth all of that. Whether you’re just going once, or you’ll go back, it’s a nice experience. They even had a photobooth in the back which I LOVED!

tara michelle

I highly suggest checking it out if you live in the LA area, and if you do – leave me a comment letting me know how you liked it!! If you’d want to see the vlog from this day, you can watch it down below! The part with Little Damage starts at around 7:13!! :)