Friday Favorites #3

FRIDAY FAVORITES #3, WE ARE BACK!! Sorry I failed you guys and didn’t post one for a couple weeks…

I wanted to do these Friday Favorites every week… and apparently that didn’t go as planned. From now on I’ll be doing this every TWO WEEKS (mostly in hopes that you guys won’t get bored of these!). No rambling necessary… let’s just get right into my Friday Faves!! If you haven’t seen my last one… go check it out here!

Favorite Items of the Week

Kylie Cosmetics – Bronze Palette


When I first got this palette, I was OBSESSED.

I’ve always been more of a cool-toned brown kinda girl and this palette is definitely on the warmer end, which was an adjustment for me at first. It has 9 beautiful shades and I used it consistently for the first couple months of owning it. I recently picked it back up after watching a gorgeous makeup tutorial, and I’m re-obsessed with it.

I’ve never been a professional makeup artist, nor will I ever be… but I’ve discovered a new love for a good blending shade. There is a bright orange color in this palette that I NEVER got near, mostly because I was intimidated. Turns out that it actually doesn’t look crazy when you apply it and it creates a really nice blended look at the end! Therefore, I highly recommend you guys try something a little more bold next time you’re playing around with makeup. Maybe you’ll end up loving what you end up with!


Let’s be twins!!!

Any phone case lovers out there??? I’ve always found it to be so much fun to switch up my case, it would feel like I got a new phone!

For the longest time I had a simple (basic) white marble phone case and I was kind of getting bored of it… so I went to amazon to find a cute case that was still pretty cheap. I still really like the marble print but I wanted mine to be a little less basic and predictable. I purchased this case in the color pink and I absolutely adore it.

I really like it because even though it’s thin, it still protects my phone whenever I accidentally drop it. It feels sturdy in my hands and it looks super cute at the same time, what more could a girl want?!

What I’m Watching



Since my favorite Fall shows aren’t all back yet I needed to find a show to entertain me until then.

I ended up here with Younger, a show I used to loveduring the first season & a half but then I lost track and forgot about it. Such a fun show!!!

My lovely friend Jill reminded me of how great the show is and convinced me to start watching again… now I’m stuck BINGING it whenever I get the chance. Each episode is only 20 minutes long (and is on Hulu) so it’s super easy to have on and watch!

To give you a brief summary if you haven’t heard about the show, it’s basically about a 40 year old woman pretending to be 26 to get a fresh start to her life. Of course, pretending to be 26 comes with a lot of struggles and interesting times for her which is incredibly fun to watch! I probably watch around 8 episodes a day at this point and I’m not even (well slightly) ashamed to admit that.



Charcoal Latte

Easily one of the coolest drinks I’ve ever tried… a charcoal latte. Don’t let the charcoal part of it intimidate you, it’s actually perfectly fine to consume!

I’ve seen a ton of cool pictures on Pinterest and Instagram of these black lattes but didn’t think I’d ever stumble across somewhere that makes them. One day at a local coffee shop, I saw they released a new “black line” of drinks with activated charcoal in them. So naturally, I had to order one! This bad boy was $6.50 so it definitely isn’t about to be my new everyday drink, but it was thrilling to try.

If you’re wondering about the taste, it pretty much was a classic vanilla latte (but probably the best I’ve ever had!).


Favorite Outfit

White Tank & Denim Jeans

Lately I’ve been super into a very simplistic look, which is why I chose this outfit as my fave for the week!

This outfit is not new to the blog, as it made my monthly Instagram round up last month! You can check the picture out here on the gram. It definitely wasn’t my first time wearing this outfit and certainly won’t be my last!

Top | Jeans | Phone Case | Furry Rug

Something to Think About


This week I don’t have a specific quote to share, but I was recently thinking about this and wanted to discuss it with you guys! I was applying my foundation the other day and I couldn’t help but think… ‘I’m literally painting my face right now’. The concept of makeup is so weird, who came up with it? And why? Why do we feel like it’s necessary to cover our entire face with foundation, bronzer, blush, highlight, etc etc etc. We’re just applying random crap to our skin to hide our “imperfections”. Obviously I love makeup and don’t plan on going completely bare faced from now on, but I couldn’t help but think about how weird it was. What do you guys think about this?! Are you a makeup lover or do you go mostly bare faced?

Wahoo!!! Back in action!! I promise I will do my best not to forget about this series again heh, every 2 weeks I’ll have new favorites to share with you guys!! Make sure to leave me a comment letting me know what your favorites have been lately, and then maybe I can go check them out as well! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this & I’ll see you back here in a couple of weeks for another Friday favorites! xo