Shop My Insta: July '17

Shop My Instagram: July 2017

HOW is it the end of July… I really don’t know. This year is just flying by and I can’t keep up (but I will try my best). Today’s post is the first of my new series where I share where my Instagram outfits are from each month! This series was inspired by my friend Cait, she does a monthly roundup of her Instagram outfits and I thought it would be a great way to share a little more about each of my posts this month!

So today’s post will be a wrap up of my favorite outfits from July that made it to the gram!

July 8th 2017


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I love the vibe of this photo! Just a candid picture of me admiring the view… just kidding lol, but it looks like it could be! This was my outfit for day 1 of Milwaukee’s annual music festival, Summerfest.

Top – Lulu’s

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Belt – B-Low The Belt

Hat – H&M (similar)

Shoes – Nordstrom


July 10th 2017

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This was another photo taken at Summerfest, we were there for 2 days so I made sure both outfits would be cute enough for the gram!! I figured pants would be smarter than a pair of shorts in case it got cooler at night.

Pants – Brandy Melville

Top – Brandy Melville

Belt – (similar)

Shoes – Nordstrom

Sunglasses – Dior


July 18th 2017

Los Angeles, California

I was 100% in a food coma for this picture, but I powered through to get the Insta! My boyfriend and I were walking home from lunch and I just had to stop for the purple wall! Who wouldn't?!

Top – Urban Outfitters (similar)

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Stella McCartney

Shoes – Nordstrom

Sunglasses – Rayban


July 20th 2017

Los Angeles, California

I LOVE the romper I’m wearing in this picture, it’s so comfy and still looks perfect for any occasion! We went to Grand park for a little walk downtown and they have these bright pink benches and picnic tables across the park! Absolutely adorable and definitely calls for an Instagram picture!

Romper – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Macy’s

Hat – H&M (similar)

Bag – Balenciaga


July 23rd 2017

Los Angeles, California

Okay so you can’t really see the outfit that well in this picture BUT, it was really cute so I thought I’d still share!! This is actually taken up on some cool rooftop in Downtown LA!

Shirt – Verge Girl

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Booties – Nordstrom

Belt – B-low The Belt

Bralette – Victorias Secret


July 25th 2017

Santa Cruz, California

This picture was taken on my recent road trip down the PCH, we took a break from driving to visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk! It was a very casual outfit with a touch of glam (aka my bag, everything else was basic lol).

Shirt – Brandy Melville

Jeans – Hollister

Belt – (similar)

Shoes – Nordstrom


July 27th 2017


San Simeon, California

Honestly I WISH I had a cuter outfit with me for this day. We went to Hearst Castle and did an incredible tour of the grounds. It’s such a spectacular place, and my outfit was definitely not up to par BUT I shared it with the gram anyways.

Shirt – Urban Outfitters (similar)

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters

Shorts – Urban Outfitters

And there you have it! My favorite outfits posted to Instagram in July of 2017! I hope you guys liked hearing more about why/where each post was taken! I’ve linked all of the pieces I could find, and if I couldn’t find the specific piece I linked a similar item. After reading this, go to my Instagram and comment on the outfit you liked the most from the blog!! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you’d like me to continue with this series!! xo