HOURGLASS Confession Launch

HOURGLASS Confession Launch

The most bad@ass event I’ve ever been to, the Hourglass confession launch.

Luxury makeup brand, Hourglass, just launched their new line of lipsticks called CONFESSION. They hosted a party at the Hollywood Roosevelt for this launch and it was sick.


It was very dimly lit which added to the sultry vibe the venue had. It was mostly lit with candles on the ground and on the walls, so so cool. The most unique part of the event was that they had 5 different rooms set with a theme (basically just for Instagram pictures aka we were in heaven!!!).


My MUGSHOT. Iconic!


I gotta admit… I’m not as tall as it says in my mugshot. Thank you to my chunky heels that gave me an extra couple inches in this shot 😉 I’m actually just 5 feet… most people are pretty surprised by my size when they see me in person. I used to always wish I was taller, more like 5’4 or something like that… but anyways, we’re getting off topic!

Let’s talk outfit details…

Romper | Shoes (similar) | Belt | Purse

Hourglass confession Tara Michelle
Hourglass confession Tara Michelle

The picture on the left is from ‘The Vault’ room, SO cool. Fake $100 bills everywhereeeee, some jewels, and of course their new lipsticks spread all over the place looking extremely luxurious. The packaging for their lipsticks are so sleek and really blended in with all of the bling everywhere!

The picture on the right was the bedroom scene… looks like someone had a crazy night 😉


Lastly, we have the Casino room and the Interrogation room.

Jill and I took some pretty cute pictures together in these sets! The casino table had everything you could imagine that would be part of a wild (and expensive) poker game.

The Interrogation room was wild though, they handcuffed us to the table and handed us evidence bags for the photos. The amount of detail in each of the sets was unbelievable and INCREDIBLY impressive!

Last but certainly not least… THE GOODIE BAG!!! They gifted us the entireeee collection which basically blew my mind.


Each ultra slim refillable lipstick delivers saturated, longwearing color with a satin finish. Elevate lipstick to a new level of luxury.

Hourglass launched 32, THIRTY TWO, new lipstick shades and they describe their product design as an accessory. I was talking to some of the girls working the event and they kept talking about how they wanted the lipsticks to look like a cute accessory for a flay lay photo, or just to look cute having it out in public. I completely see what they’re saying, with it’s sleek gold design… how could I not want to have it in a photo?

You have 2 options for the product, you can buy it in the beautiful gold casing ($34) or you could buy one of the refills ($22). You can interchange the lipsticks in the gold case so once you have one of those, you can just continue to buy refills in different shades!

Had such an amazing time at this event and was honored to be apart of the Confession collection launch. Hourglass truly knows how to throw a party and I’d be more than happy to attend the next one ;P