Museum of Ice Cream

Visiting The Museum of ICE CREAM

If you’ve never heard about the Museum of Ice Cream, you must be living under a rock. Currently located in LA, the Museum of Ice Cream isn’t your typical museum. I definitely didn’t learn a ton about ice cream, but I got to eat a bunch of treats and take cute photos ;).

Tickets are kinda pricey at $29 each for adults, but with 10 different rooms with unique installations and SNACKS… you can’t really go wrong. Tickets are tough to come by though, so make sure you’re signed up for the mailing list to see when the next round goes on sale (they’re typically for 2-3 months in advance).

Okay okay enough of the boring stuff… let’s get into it!


The Ice Cream Museum is located in LA’s arts district and if you’re new to the area, it may seem kind of sketchy. No worries though, all is forgotten as soon as you step through the front door of this “museum”!

The Telephone Room

Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle
Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle
TARA MICHELLE Museum of Ice Cream

You walk in with a group of around 10 people and the first room you enter is the Telephone Room. The entire room was a bright pink color that really sets the mood for the rest of the museum. No, the phones aren’t just for display (surprisingly enough), when you pick up the receiver there’s a little welcoming message from Ice Cream Fairy!

The California Room

TARA MICHELLE Museum of Ice Cream.jpg

This is the room where we realized how many snacks we were about to be consuming. Needless to say, we were very excited.

The California room is pretty much exactly how you’d expect it to look… except a lot more PINK. From the iconic Walk of Fame stars (with a little twist) on the ground, to the “Hollywood sign”, it was an explosion of all LA things. This was the first room where we got to actually eat something. To my boyfriends liking, the ice cream of the day was mint chocolate chip with brown sugar. I’ve never been much of a mint chip girl, but I really did enjoy it!


The Banana Room

Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle

Just so cute. The banana room was definitely one of my favorites from the museum. It starts off with these adorable swings (thank you to the kind woman that took photos of us), and then TONS OF BANANAS filling up an entire room!

Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle
Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle
Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle

Each room has its own theme with different installations inside that are unique to each room.

We were given mint chip mochi ice cream in The Mint Room (excuse the missing bite in the picture hehe!). A room I really loved was The Popsicle Room, all the colors were so visually stimulating.

We got more snacks in The Gummy Bear Room (some gummy bears, duh!) as well as some different types of chocolate in The Cone Room.


The Sprinkles Pool

Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle

What a concept… a pool full of sprinkles. Seems kind of gross when you imagine how many bare feet have jumped around in them, but I’m pretty sure they switch out the sprinkles daily (hopefully). You and your group get 2-3 minutes in the pool to do whatever you please and then you’re prompted to get out and move to the next room. In case you’re curious, we’re now finding these sprinkles in our shoes, socks, underwear etc…

Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle
Museum of Ice Cream Tara Michelle

Outfit Details

Romper | Belt | Sneakers | Jacket

As sad as it was to be leaving the museum, they have one final room with a goodbye snack. I’m one to usually save the best for last, and it seems they are the same way! 2 pink buttermilk pancakes with a vanilla custard center… yes. Seriously this dessert was incredible, I couldn’t believe how fresh and delicious it was. They also had some games (ping pong tables, photo booths) in this last room to mess around with before leaving.