24 hours in Ojai

January was a BUSY month guys.

The first month of the year always feels super long, but this year especially. I went on 3 different trips in January 2018, starting with Ojai. Ojai is a small city northwest of Los Angeles, only like an hour and a half drive from home so it was pretty easy to get to.

My friend Cait (check out her blog!!) invited a bunch of us up to this incredible home (and avocado farm) for the night and it was too perfect to pass up! The house was super secluded and was literally surrounded by avocado trees (you KNOW I brought some home with me). On top of that, the views were just stunning.

Over the 24(ish) hours we were at the house in Ojai, I made around 3 different outfit changes (seems maybe a little excessive) so I thought I would share the details of each outfit with you guys!


Top | Jeans | Belt | Shoes

A swing + a glass of wine + your best friend = A GOOD TIME.

Is it weird that I’ve always wanted a picture on a cute swing like this? I feel like it’s not a typical thing that would cross someone’s mind, but it crossed mine and I finally made it happen!

Tara Michelle

Top | Jeans | Boots | Belt | Sunglasses

I love this outfit because it works for daytime or a night out. The lace really makes it more dressy but since it’s white, still daytime appropriate! It’s from free people but I got it from Lulus (one of my fave stores, they always hook me up with the cutest stuff!)

I think my favorite part of this trip was getting to pick my own avocados off the trees. I love me some avocado toast in the morning so really it couldn’t have been more ideal.

I always love adding in a cool jacket to my outfit whenever I get the opportunity because they add SO much to the look!

This was my last outfit change as it started to get a little later in the day (and a little cooler).

It’s essentially the exact same outfit as the first one I wore, but I added the cutest denim jacket! I love that it isn’t just a plain denim, the white stars all over it really add a nice touch. LINK TO THE JACKET HERE!!!

I also swapped out my pants for some black jeans because I don’t think I can pull off the denim on denim look (wish I could though!).

This blog post really just shows you how easy it is to create 3 different outfits with only a few pieces! They’re all super simple and easy to throw together, you can just as easily dress them up or down as well.

We all had the most INCREDIBLE mini trip to Ojai and I’m already dreaming about when I’ll get to go back! Just out of curiosity, let me know in the comments where you live!! I want to know! :)

Hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll see ya in the next one!