Where to visit in Los Angeles

Being a LOCAL Tourist In Los Angeles

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost 3 years now, but living here hasn’t gotten old yet!

I still love doing touristy things every once and awhile, it always reminds me why I love it here so much! LA is known for so many different things and different places, sometimes you just need to hit the peak of your boredom to actually go do those things. It’s easy to forget what an amazing city you live in, I know I can definitely forget to appreciate it sometimes.

These are places I’d go to on any occasion, you don’t HAVE to be a tourist to appreciate them! I’m not talking about ‘Hollywood blvd” kind of touristy (that’s WAY too much for me!), more about the fun spots to go to if you live here or you’re visiting! So here’s a list of some of my favorite “touristy” spots in LA!

1. The Last Bookstore

the last bookstore tara michelle

The last bookstore is really cool because not everybody thinks to go there. Yes, it’s pretty much just a regular bookstore BUT there are a few areas inside that are great for a photo op! They have a whole tunnel of books, where you walk through it and there are books above you with twinkley lights!! So so cute! There is also just a random round hole in one of the bookshelves, as you can see in the picture above! I gotta say, I didn’t expect there to be as many young girls taking pictures in there… there were at least 15!  Either way, great spot to come check out if you have a spare hour!


2. Disneyland

disneyland tara michelle

Well, DUH I had to mention Disney! It has been my dream since I was a kid to live near a Disney…and my dreams are A REALITY AND IM LOVING IT! When I first moved here, I got a season pass and went like twice a week lol. It was definitely a bit of a Disney overload and I haven’t been able to go as much because of it, but I still like to go every couple months! I like going during the week when the crowds are basically nothing (I’m impatient and hate lines), you can get through the parks really quick that way! I’ve only stopped to watch the firework show a few times, but I really do recommend it if you’re visiting… it’s just magicaaaal!

3. Runyon Canyon

runyon canyon

Into hiking? Well this is the most common/basic LA hike there is! Runyon is a beautiful hike in Hollywood, most people say it’s pretty easy but I’m not super in shape and there are definitely some difficult parts to it! The best part about it obviously isn’t the hiking part, that part sucks hahah. It’s all about the stunning views from the top, you can see the entireeee city. The trail itself is also pretty nice, but depending on which direction you choose to go… it could get pretty difficult as there are some very steep sections (and slippery so wear good shoes!!)!

4. Griffith Observatory


Another potential hiking opportunity! Griffith park has tons of different trails, some that lead up to the observatory and some that lead to an abandoned zoo from the 50’s!! They have the observatory at the very top though which also has incredible views. The observatory is pretty big and has tons of cool things about space inside, you can even check to see what your weight would be on different planets!! I’d also seriously recommend checking out the abandoned zoo if you’re at Griffith, it’s so interesting  to walk through!

5. Universal Studios


Another amusement park on the list! Universal is pretty different from Disney though as it’s much smaller. The Universal in Florida is unfortunately so much better, but at least we have one here in Hollywood!! With Harry Potter world finally open, it’s definitely worth the day trip! I have a season pass because it was only $10 more than a day ticket so I figured I may as well!!

6. Skyspace

skyspace tara michelle

THIS PLACE IS SO COOL!! It’s relatively new and I was there for a cute little Valentine’s Day date this year. Skyspace is located on the top of the US bank tower in DTLA, almost 1000 feet up above the city! It offers panoramic views of LA and it really is breathtaking. Not only are the views insane, they also have a CLEAR SLIDEthat goes outside the building! Of course we had to try it once we were there, it was so crazy and I definitely kind of blacked out ahaha! Who can say they’ve been down a clear slide 1000 feet up on the outside of a building?! Not many!!! Definitelyyy worth it!!!

7. The Broad Museum

THE BROAD MUSEUM tara michelle

The Broad is a super cute contemporary art museum! I’ve never been very interested in visiting museums but I really enjoyed this one! Something I love about it is that it’s FREE! Who doesn’t love free things right?! Only downside to that is if you’re going on a weekend, the line will be absolutely insane (like 2+ hours long). The best way to do it is to go during the week, usually just a 30 minute wait! Of course if you’re impatient, you can always reserve tickets but you’ll have to book them at least 2 weeks in advance. They have a great exhibit going on called the “Infinity Mirrored Room” which looks incredible, not sure how to go about getting tickets for that though. It really is a great museum with so many fun and interesting things to look at, highly recommend checking it out if you’re bored on a random weekday!

8. Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post

YES this place is so cool!!! Every Sunday in the Fairfax high school parking lot there is this big flea market with some awesome vendors! Everything is pretty cute/trendy, tons of succulents, cool mirrors, crystals, etc! It’s such a perfect Sunday activity, usually pretty crowded but great for people watching! There’s definitely an excess of cool band tees, so if you’re into that then this is the spot for you!

LA is an incredible city.

There’s always somewhere new to go try or go do, and I love living here. Over my 3 years of being here, the above 8 things are some of the tourist places I love to still go even as a local. Whether you live here and you’re bored, a tourist, or just someone looking for something to do… I highly recommend checking out any of them! :) Let me know in the comments what YOUR favorite “tourist” spots in your city are!