Insta Walls in LA

Instagram Worthy Walls in LA

If you follow any bloggers on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one or two pictures of super cool walls.

Before moving to LA, I saw so many of these pictures and was so jealous of the girls that got to take them! I don’t know what it is about these walls, but they get lots of people very excited (including myself). Instagram has taken over lives in so many ways, like why are we posing in front of random walls?! I don’t know, but I’m definitely one of those people that “do it for the insta” life. I have no shame at all, mostly because most of LA does the same thing, but also because I like it so it’s fine!!

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, or you live here, you may want to be aware of the best walls for Instagram! So I’m here to share my favorite LA walls (typing that just sounds so silly, but apparently it’s a thing)!!

1. The Pink Wall

8221 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046

instagram walls tara michelle
instagram walls tara michelle

The classic pink wall. I was there over a year ago (tbt to the long hair!) and even though it looks like I’m totally alone, there were at least 4 other girls posing a little further down the wall! 

This is definitely a big Instagram hotspot! Nobody ever thinks about whats behind the pink wall, which is actually a Paul Smith store!

If you’re looking to boost up your Instagram feed, this is the way to do it! Tons of celebrities have pictures in front of this wall as well, so maybe you’ll get lucky and run into one of your faves!

2. WRDSMTH Prints


These walls located in the arts district are SO cute! The artist, WRDSMTH, has different prints like these all over Los Angeles. I think these are some of the newer ones because I haven’t seen them posted everyyyywhere on social media yet! The typewriter prints are all over the place though, and they’re always photo worthy! These specific prints are more about love, which was perfect for when my boyfriend and I walked passed them! I definitely had to convince him to take a cheesy picture with me in front of it, definitely necessary!!

3. Pink Wall
(a better, less known one)

Instagram Worthy Walls Tara Michelle
Instagram Worthy Walls Tara Michelle

This is a pink wall located in the Arts District in LA, very similar to the popular one in Melrose… but honestly I think one’s better! I came across a bright pink building and knew I needed to share it, and then I came to realize it’s actually where they have the Ice Cream Museum!! The pink wall on Melrose has nothing super special about it, except that it’s pink… this one has the brick pattern and so many more details that I personally think add a lot more to the photos. One thing I really like was that it’s completely private, I took these pictures behind the building and there was nobody there to make me feel uncomfortable! If you don’t feel like waiting in line to take a picture at the “classic Pink Wall”, then I recommend checking this one out!!

4. Colette Miller Wings

Instagram Worthy Walls Colette Miller WingsTara Michelle

Gotta have one of those classic wing photos! These for some reason are SO insanely popular!! Whenever I post a photo like this, I get a ton more likes than one of my usual pictures! Colette Miller, the artist, has these all over the world! I’ve seen this exact pair of wings in HAWAII (took a picture at that location  too of course!). These specific ones are located in downtown LA, but it’s actually on a gate to a store so sometimes the gate is up and the wings won’t be there for photos.

4. Split Wall

Instagram Worthy Walls Tara Michelle
Instagram Worthy Walls Tara Michelle

Completely stumbled across this wall by accident, a happy accident for sure! I was in the Arts District, walking around the Ice Cream Museum building and there it was! The very obvious in between of a “made for Instagram” wall and a plain wall lol, but I made the two of them work together for the ULTIMATE cute Instagram picture! It’s definitely a little grungy, but can be easily edited to look awesome!

6. Made in LA

Instagram Worthy Walls Tara Michelle

Last but CERTAINLY not least, the “Made in LA” wall! Such a classic wall that I actually had never visited until I started this blog. I always saw tons of pictures with people here and I just never had the opportunity, but I’m sure glad that I went! It’s only a few blocks down from the pink wall on Melrose but it’s much quieter! There were only 2 other girls taking pictures there, which is pretty uncommon for such an “Instagram wall” haha!