Travel Essentials

My Travel Essentials + Comfy & Cute Airport Outfit!

I love to travel, always have and always will.

Over the years of being on social media, I’m constantly asked what my absolute travel essentials are and the kinds of outfits I wear at the airport! So here I am to share that with you!! I just traveled to Chicago for a trip with my parents and this is what I wore!!

travel essentials tara michelle
travel essentials tara michelle

Top | Joggers | Denim Shirt | Booties | Black Purse

I unfortunately wasn’t able to find exact links to some of the items so I’ve linked some very similar looking pieces! This is my ideal travel outfit because it’s super comfortable but still stylish at the same time. I’m wearing a tight (but super stretchy) black top paired with a soft pair of joggers! Joggers are basically a better/cuter version of sweat pants haha! Sometimes I can get pretty chilly on planes so I tied a soft denim button up around my waist. Most people probably wouldn’t wear booties on a travel day, but I basically live in the ones I’m wearing here! They’re perfectly comfy for me to walk around in. I have my go-to black purse for the items I need to grab quickly, then my Louis Vuitton has all my travel essentials in it!

My Essentials

travel essentials tara michelle


No matter where I’m going or how long I’m gone for, my cameras are essential. I have my 2 main cameras with me wherever I go, and use both for different purposes. I have my vlog camera (linked here) for vlogging, of course hahah and then I have my big DSLR camera (here) for any photography. Definitely 2 of my biggest essentials!!

Travel Items

Obviously I need to have my wallet and my passport! As a Canadian, I always need to have my passport with me everywhere I travel. Of course I also have my wallet, I shouldn’t even be explaining this hahah it’s just an obvious essential! My wallet is from Saint Laurent and it’s my favorite! It’s super sleek and fits everything I’d need in it.


Gotta have my phone, duh. I have the gold iPhone 7, not the plus though because my hands are too small for it lol! Then I always travel with my laptop (I have the new MacBook pro with the touch bar!!) so I can work on the go! I like to edit on the plane and even if I’m traveling, I still always like to keep working! Plus… internet… haha!


Always gotta have a good pair of sunnies! Honestly though, I usually pack 3+ pairs with me! It’s always fun to switch them out depending on the outfit! I’ve been loving my round ray-banslately! I also have to bring my prescription glasses with me because I’m pretty much blind without my contacts! I love my pair from Victoria Beckham, they’re totally different than what I’m used to but they’re great!


Traveling can be kind of a hassle sometimes but at the end of the day, you get off the plane with SO MUCH excitement that the whole memory of the travel day is gone! I have so many places I can’t wait to visit, we’re only just beginning!! Leave me a comment letting me know what YOUR essentials are and where you’d love to travel to!!