Denim On Denim

A recent fashion trend that I've always been kind of nervous to try... denim on denim. 

It's definitely not for everybody and is something that took me a while to get used to. I recently attended an event where I got to see myself in denim on denim and FELL IN LOVE.

Shoutout to @shopjaybird on Instagram for the bomb ass jacket, you can find the one I went home with here. Also wearing jewelry by @yunis_k!


Feels good to get out of your comfort zone sometimes...

Though at first, the thought of denim on denim made me uncomfortable. I try to stick to what I know and since I had never tried it before, it was intimidating. 

The week after the event, I think I wore this look 4x over the course of 7 days. I'm not kidding, I'm obsessed. 


Maybe it's silly that trying a new outfit is "out of my comfort zone", but baby steps are important!

Gotta try new things, even if it's as small as trying a denim on denim look!

Photos by: @kchartsock on Insta!

With this post, I dare you to wear something a little out of your comfort zone today! Send me a picture on Twitter or Instagram so I can see!!!

Love you guys so much!!! See ya next time!