White Sands, NM

We spent a few hours at the White Sands National Monument during one of our days in New Mexico and WOW. 

I've never seen anything like it before, just miles and miles of the whitest sand. 


We arrived and parked pretty deep into the mountains of sand. Of course we brought a few changes of clothes for our fun photoshoot day at the coolest spot ever!

Unfortunately the dress I'm wearing in these first photos is from a couple years ago, but I've linked some similar options!


I love love this one, 

Taylor and I both decided to wear black and white for a cool contrasted look. I had on white shorts, and he had a white top so we'd even contrast each other. 


I kept on the same bodysuit for the third look, switched out my white shorts for a cuffed pair of striped pants! I love a good pant these days, you automatically look so much more put together!

Once again, I couldn't find the exact pants online so I linked some similar (and super cute) options for you to check out!


Last but not least, outfit four.


If you think you've seen this outfit before, it's because you have. OUTFIT REPEATER!!! 

I know, I know. Shame on me. 

What can I say?! I just really love this outfit! I wore it in my last post that was all about my time in Arizona! This time we have some cute little sunflowers as a prop! 

One of the most beautiful and most jaw dropping places I've ever been. I think everybody should visit at some point in their life. Seriously, the world is awesome. 

Go explore.

Until next time, xo