Over the course of our 9 day road trip, we spent 2 days in Arizona!

Our first "day" in Arizona was really just a few hours before we head into New Mexico. We tried to squeeze in as many activities as we could though!

Never the less, day one (or really day 2 of our drive)...


We got to Tucson at around midnight on the first night of our drive, so obviously we didn't get to do much adventuring.

First thing the next morning, we woke up to 90 degree heat & a desperate need for coffee before hitting the road. With a 6 hour drive ahead of us, we thought it would be smart to find a cute coffee shop to get the day started!

Presta Coffee Roasters

If you're into cute coffee shops, this is the spot!!! Not only is the actual cafe adorable, it's located in the cutest open marketplace that's just west of downtown Tucson!


I got an iced vanilla latte (with almond milk) and Taylor got an americano, both were delicious! Perfect for a quick pit-stop or an afternoon coffee date!

Got some to-go cups and we were back on the road!

Texas Canyon Rest Stop

We were well on our way to New Mexico when we were driving through Texas Canyon (not sure why it's called that because we definitely were not in Texas yet). Boulders on boulders on BOULDERS. We noticed a rest stop and just had to pull over for some pictures here.


These photos most definitely do not do the landscape justice (that's what happens when you only use a 50mm lens haha), but I give you a better view in my vlog which is linked at the bottom of this post! Also can we talk about how awesome these shorts I'm wearing are!!?

Let's jump just about one week in time...

After basically our entire trip, we drove back to AZ on our way back to Los Angeles and got to do a little bit of exploring!



No road trip to Texas can be done without a stop (or 3) at whataburger. 

My personal fave - Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit on Texas toast. It's basically equivalent to chicken & waffles, or at least I'd imagine!

Roosevelt Row


Roosevelt Row is Phoenix's arts district! Not too much to do in the area yet but it seems like there's a lot of new development! I think people mostly come here for the cool wall art!

White Tank Mountains


Before leaving Phoenix, we made it our mission to find a ton of cacti. You wouldn't think that would be a difficult task considering we were in Arizona, but we had a very specific vision. 


This was the perfect last spot to our road trip! The top I'm wearing in these last photos is actually a bandana, a regular bandana. I just tied it around my back and used it as a top! I couldn't find the exact so I linked similar options! :)

My time in Arizona was limited but so much fun! I really enjoyed spending time in Tuscon and Phoenix and would definitely go back! 

Until next time xo