Joshua Tree (ish)

Driving from Los Angeles to Texas is QUITE THE DRIVE to say the least, so we thought we'd make the most out of it.

So here we go... DAY ONE.

On our travels to Texas, we decided to stop in Arizona for the first night. That's around 6-8 hours from LA, depending on how often you stop on the way! Having heard such amazing things about Salvation Mountain, that would be our first stop on the way to Phoenix!

Just to clarify why I wrote "Joshua Tree (ish)", I honestly have no idea where these photos were taken. The last sign I saw was for Joshua Tree, so we're somewhere in that general area.


It's pretty incredible getting to see Salvation Mountain in person, there are so many different spots to explore! As a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz, I was delighted to see that every path was a yellow brick road! How cute!

This has been on my 

bucket list ever since moving to California. Just 3 hours from downtown LA, this could easily be done as a day trip! It was quite shocking though when I got out of the car to 95 DEGREE HEAT! I've been so used to mid-60s for the past few months that it really caught me off guard (in a good way!).


Salvation Mountain was unbelievably cool.

After seeing photos for years, I can finally confirm that it's worth the hype! Whether you're religious or not, I think anybody would enjoy.

The Sand Dunes


We had left Salvation Mountain and were on route to Arizona when we saw these sand dunes on both sides of the highway, obviously we had to pull over. The lighting was just too perfect to leave without taking some photos.

For the following 4 hours, I sat shotgun editing photos and writing this blog post. 

Day one, DONE. Such a fun and successful day. Despite driving a total of 8 hours, it really didn't feel that long! Only a couple more driving days left & I can't wait to see all the spots we end up at!