Girls Trip to SF

Your go-to guide for all of your Instagram goals in San Francisco!

Who doesn't love a girls trip?! My BFF Jill & I just went on our (now annual) trip to San Francisco this past month and had a blast!

In today's post I'll be sharing some of my favorite photo-worthy spots in SF and the outfits I wore to them! Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Pier 39


It was COLD guys, REAL COLD. We weren't as prepared as we needed to be. Basically got to pier 39, ate food, and left ASAP so we could warm up back at the hotel!


Day one had a lot of outfit changes & a lot of location changes. We got to experience so much of the city in one day, I think that's the smartest way to do it if you only have a limited amount of time!


Find beauty in places that others wouldn't


Instagram Hack!

One of my favorite things when it comes to Instagram is finding a cool (or even simple) wall. It really breaks up the feed if you normally have a lot in the background. If you have too many pictures with a lot going on in them, your overall feed may come across as looking messy. So throwing in the occasional plain wall really helps!

Here we have 2 different examples of walls! One is a plain wall (but still has textures, which we like!) and the other is more of a color-blocking look. Both look great and will have the same affect for a clean Instagram feed!

Golden Gate Bridge


No doubt this is a classic spot for the San Francisco tourist. I've been here plenty of times but I had never walked down the bridge before, so we thought that would be a good idea! 

It was actually really cool getting to see everybody walking with their significant others, friends, or even buy themselves on such an iconic bridge. You might get a few head turns (maybe even a few giggles) from those walking by if you're trying to take photos, but it's so worth it!

That pop of RED


We looovee

a good pop of red! If it comes from your surroundings or something you're actually wearing, red is always visually appealing in a photo. Your eyes are naturally drawn to the color and I love getting to incorporate it into my photos! We stumbled across these red table & chairs and knew we needed to take some pictures. I love the way my neutral toned outfit contrasts with the decor! I've also been obsessing over this red sweater, it's just PERFECT!


Find your "Pink Wall" in SF

Most of us know about the infamous pink wall on Melrose in LA, but there are tons of pink walls all over San Francisco! We found this one right by Union Square!


My only purchase in SF


I really didn't do much shopping due to how much I overpacked, I honestly wouldn't have room to fit anything more in my suitcase. With that being said, I stumbled across this INCREDIBLE denim jacket. It's definitely oversized (I got an XS) and the sleeves are what really make it unique. I've seen a lot of pearls lately and I think it's such a cool look, I couldn't resist!

Find the jacket HERE

With little time left, we tried to do EVERYTHING we could for our last day

We walked all over the city looking for fun spots to stop, from spot to spot to spot! We found this incredible wall with lips on it, conveniently located right next to our lunch destination for the day (good SF eats post coming soon!). 

Painted Ladies

The Painted Ladies 

are almost as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge when it comes to Instagramming in San Francisco. In all honesty though, it's not a super exciting spot. There isn't much to do besides look at the homes and take some pictures. We did sit down on the grass enjoying some of the sun for a bit, but besides that, it's a quick spot to hit. I'd still recommend checking it out if its your first time in San Francisco!


That concludes my girls trip to San Francisco! We had such an amazing time and I cannot wait for our next trip back! Have you been to SF? If so, what are your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments!