TX to LA

ROAD TRIP! Texas to Los Angeles!

In the beginning of January, my boyfriend and I flew to his hometown in Texas to pick up his car and drive it back to LA! I don’t have a car here so it was definitely going to be a big life improvement for us!  No more ubering everywhere!! We had around a 1,436.8 mile road trip ahead of us, and it would take just over 20 hours if we had decided to do it all in one day! Instead of doing the drive with no breaks, we decided to take 2 stops! One in New Mexico, and one in Arizona!

I had never been on a road trip that took longer than 6 hours, so I didn’t know what to expect! I wasn’t exactly excited about sitting in a car for 20+ hours, maybe even a little nervous, but I didn’t let Taylor know that lol!


We were only planning on staying at his home in Texas for a couple nights, but his mom convinced us to stay for an extra day! Our time in TX was mostly just spent with the family! One day we went to a vineyard for a wine tasting, and that was super cool! They were selling some merch after the tasting and I thought this shirt was pretty funny…hahah!


After packing up his car FULL of extra stuff to bring to LA (including tons of food that his mom packed us!), we were on our way! Having never been on a super long road trip, I didn’t know if I’d be able to survive sitting in the car for 6 hours at a time! The first day we were driving a little over 5 hours to get to his grandparents cabin in Alto, New Mexico. I felt pretty okay about that because when I was younger, my family would drive 5 hours to Montreal pretty frequently! So I knew it wouldn’t be super difficult!


Our drive to NM was fuuuull of different climates and terrains, which made it more interesting than just driving on the highway! The first hour was completelyyyy foggy, it was almost scary actually! Thankfully we were driving on pretty empty roads, but it was very hard to see in front of us! By the time we got to the cabin, it was already completely dark and there was SNOW on the ground!! Yes, it was January so that makes sense, but I’m so not used to seeing snow anymore and I was excited! Living in Toronto, Canada for the first 19 years of my life, I was so ready to be done with the cold weather! Now that I’ve been living in LA for 3 years, I love getting to experience the cold weather (especially knowing that I don’t actually have to LIVE in it anymore!).

The cabin was perfect, more like a house but they call it a cabin! The night we got there, Taylor built a fire and we just sat and watched a scary movie!! It was the perfeeeect scary movie environment; we were in the middle of the woods and it was storming outside!! Right before we turned it on, the power actually went out!! So scary haha!

The next morning we woke up and the fluffiest snow was falling from the sky! It was soooo pretty out the big picture windows! Taylor and I were staying up in the loft, which was super cozy and nice. We spent a full day there and went around the town looking in all of the little shops!


After walking around the town for a couple hours, we were pretty cold and Taylor drove us to this really beautiful lookout! It was near his grandparents cabin and apparently normally it’s super green and the mountains are very tall, but it was really foggy so it looked really different! I still thought it looked really cool though, almost like it was a green screen in a movie!

That night we dug through the old games they had in the back,  we built some puzzles, played some games, and had a perfect chill night by the fire! It felt really good to get some time away from our usual busy lives, and just hang out the two of us in a different environment! We were both pretty bummed to be leaving the next day, but we needed to get back on the road!


We drove 8 hours that next day, stopped in Phoenix for the night, and then another 6 or 7 hours back to LA the following day.

After getting home, I couldn’t understand what I was so worried about! The road trip was such a fun time and it didn’t seem nearly as bad as I expected! The drives went by pretty quickly, the nights were relaxed, and it was a great experience! I’ve learned that I actually can survive sitting in a car for multiple hours on end, I guess I must be growing up or someeeething like that haha! I’d definitely do it again and I’ll be looking forward to when that day comes! 🙂