Eat & Insta in Chicago

Best Places to Eat and Instagram in Chicago

If you didn’t see my ’72 Hours in Chicago’, then you wouldn’t know that I purposely didn’t talk about the INCREDIBLE food I ate there… but I guess that doesn’t matter because you’re here anyways!

Yes, we did a lot of activities there but we did even moreeee eating. So here I am to tell you all of the places we tried out that you will neeeeed to try if you visit Chicago!

\\ Goddess and the Baker \\

33 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60603


This was our first stop after dropping our stuff off at the hotel. We heard about this cute cafe from the man sitting next to my mom on the plane (shoutout to you Jeff!!). If you like taking pictures for Instagram, this is the spot! Everything is so aesthetically pleasing, and the food was TO DIE FOR. They have great lunch & breakfast options as well as a pastry section.

I got the Cauliflower tacos which I basically inhaled. My dad has quite the sweet tooth so he ordered us some cake, TWO massive slices of cake. The rainbow cake looked like it probably only LOOKED good, but wooooow was it good. So light and airy, probably/definitely one of the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life.


\\ Deep Dish Pizza (duh) \\

29 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611


No surprise that deep dish pizza is on this list, such a classic Chicago food. There are a lot of great spots to get deep dish, but we went to Uno’s. Though I heard Giordano’s is better, so check that one out and let me know! Uno’s was really cool though because it was built in the 40s and clearly had a lot of history to it. If you’ve ever had some Chicago deep dish, you probably know how full I was from just ONE PIECE… it was a lot. Needless to say, we all were fuuuull until lunch the next day!


Another place that was recommended to us, Beatrix. Great brunch spot apparently but only the lunch menu was available when we got there. It’s mostly comfort foods but with a healthy twist (as our waitress explained to us!). I got one of their special menu items of the day, the ‘green tacos’. A nice mixture of different greens (including cactus!!), coleslaw and queso cheese. So good!!

chicago river walk

We found the Tiki bar (called the Island Party Hut) by accident, definitely a HAPPY accident.  It’s a little mini Hawaii on the side of the path by the river. We stopped during our walk for some “island drinks” they were advertising on the side! There was live music, twinkley lights and STRONG drinks… what’s not to love?!

brunch chicago

Best brunch spot… Brunch (yes, that’s what it’s called!). This is definitely more of a local spot that was recommended to me from some viewers! They don’t mess around here… HUGE portions with some really unique dishes. As our brunch “dessert” we got the fruity pebbles french toast which was SO good. The service was great and the food really was amazing.


This was a super modern mexican restaurant, really fancy and cool. Mexican food is probably my favorite and of course we started off with some table side guacamole. I got the spinach and mushroom enchiladas and was extreeeemely impressed, definitely the best enchiladas I’ve ever had! They also have 2 types of salsa that’s brought to the table, both had very distinct tastes that I had never tried before. For dessert we had the tres leches cake and it was PERFECT.

Food is one of my favorite things in the world (for living and also because I just really love eating), and Chicago definitely is killing it in that department/category!

I KNOW I’ll be back in Chicago, so leave me some recommendations in the comments! :)